About Syrus

Syrus is a highly recognizable entertainment and media personality with extensive experience in the industry that includes television, music-video, radio, on-stage lecturing, video game production, event emcee and behind-the scenes casting. Syrus has developed a fan base that appreciates him for his personal views, real-life experiences, humor, style and cultural preferences. This lifestyle includes being a diversity and human rights activist, and a passionate part of basketball culture. After playing hoops through college and then signing with the ABA, Syrus transformed his passion for the game into a series of business ventures, first as the host for Burger King’s nationwide cultural experience called The Next Best Move Tour, then starring in and working on production teams for hoops-based video games including AND 1, Street Hoops and March Madness. Syrus is an experienced emcee and host, having served as the voice of Reggae Nation as a Senior Lecturer for MTV’s Rock the Vote. Most recently Syrus returned to his reality TV roots starring in the current season of The Challenge All Stars, streaming now on Paramount+. His time in the spotlight has allowed people to connect with him not just as a media personality, but also as a person and mentor. His way of life embraces harmonious coexistence between all social and cultural groups with an emphasis on being present in the moment.  Syrus’ existing image and fan base offer promotional firms, syndicated media, and consumer, product and event companies an outlet for both promotions and content generation.